Beautiful estate/farm in tuscany/italy
to sell with swimming pool, sauna, horse stables
in a quiet ambience

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Technical information: The poperty/estate
Das Anwesen - Übersicht
you can find rocca prataia in the alta Maremma,
between the to pittoresque villages Boccheggiano and Roccatederighi.

This position permits to reach in short time citys
ike Siena(45km)or Massa Marittima(18km), the sea is only 40 km away

Bigger view of the map

Here you get a sight from the stables towards Casa Gabriella with it's closed Pergola- this can be used as a room for courses, television room and so on.
9 horse stables(3x3) are part of the manor , some of the have a second posterior exit to a paddock.
Rocca Prataia seen from the front with the swimming pool and the solar sauna.
A view into one of the houses
The look out from the farm shows the gentle hills of tuscany. Embeded in the green mediteranean forest the farm was builded nearly 200 years ago and restored with love and attention. Now the appartments and houses offer a warm and inviting ambience.
This little house is situated nearby the swimming pool and just as all the other houses it has a own individual kitchen and bathroom.
That's how the pizza evenings can look like- the stone pizza oven is one of the jewels of the farm
One of the kitchens – every house has a different one just to be give an individual feeling.
The swimming pool is surrounded by a natural stone wall with all kind of plants and herbs. Inside the solar sauna you can relax having a fiew outside into the stary sky

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